Fullstack Developer, Systems Administration

19 year old polar bear who boops his hardware too much to the point of possibly breaking it! (So far it hasn't)


ðŸŧ‍❄ïļðŸ“Ķ Free, open source, and reliable Helm Chart registry made in Kotlin

ðŸŧ‍❄ïļðŸŠķ Minimal, and fast HTTP proxy to host files from any cloud storage provider

ðŸŧ‍❄ïļðŸ’ Easy, and flexible image host to share with your friends on Discord, Telegram, and more.

This site's source code -- made with Astro

💐💚 Optimized, and easy Docker images and Coder templates to use in your everyday work.

(coming soon) ðŸŧ‍❄ïļðŸ““ Toolchain to help generate documentation from any source and transform it to anything you want