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charted ~ Architecture

Part 1 of how I developed charted-server - The architecture around it!~

Published on 5 Mar 2023, 07:14:47

Welcome to a n-part series on where I discuss the aspects of building charted-server, a Helm chart registry in Kotlin.

Why did you create charted?

I built charted out of frustration when hosting Helm charts for the company I’m creating, Noelware. I didn’t feel like just putting every chart in a GitHub repository, linking it to a domain with GitHub Pages, and call it a day. I wanted to create an developer platform to host any Helm chart out there for a single user, small team, or enterprise!

…but why Kotlin? and not out lord and savio-

I know, I do kind of regret using Kotlin but I’m going to stick with it until the JVM gets really sluggish with my poor skills of building this. But, when I first started, I was heavily in love with Go (which… I despise it now!), which I wrote a prototype of (you can look back in the history) and after I learned how to use Go more, the more I hated it. But, I always love writing Kotlin, so I decided to do that!

…900 commits later and it’s not even finished (at the time of writing this), how so?

oh how i hate myself…

I’m a person who likes to rewrite stuff when I can’t understand I wrote, which I need to get out of that habit! It is a pain…

I’m at the second refractor (and starting a third), and why I am doing those?

the structure was oh so bad!

The first refractor (port from Go -> Kotlin) had a really bad structure and I couldn’t even understand it! It’s just a mess…

The second refractor is also the same, but the code was heavenly messy which I am trying to see best Kotlin practices and make it in a structure where the Noelware team can understand and how I can chuck it into a contributing file.

thanks for reading this

the next part will be, i don’t know it’s 00:22 right now and i am eeppy… zzz~!

bai bai!!!!